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“Who says credentialing is a complex and endless task?”

Get enrolled fast and Enjoy a simple enrollment process.


Our experts make this happen!

Medrize created a credentialing system without
complexity or frustration with a focus on your reimbursement rates.

Expect Faster Turnaround

With Our 10+ years of extensive experience in provider enrollment, We know what to do and who to contact, so you get the best and fastest results.

Track the Progress

See the progress of each credentialing process when you receive your bi-weekly reports. this enables you to know where you are already participating and what to expect for all pending enrollments.

We Enroll Them All

Urgent care, primary care, specialists, durable medical equipment. Medicare, Medicaid, all insurance carriers, including closed panels. demographic updates. we successfully enroll them all!

Ask our experts!

Any question about credentialing, no fee, no email spam, just answers!

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Who we help


Who do not want to take a loss due to non participation with an insurance plan.

Medical Billers

Who are not looking for the credentialing side job so that they can focus on billing.

Healthcare Investors

Who want to see faster results.